Island Transportation

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The Pelee Island Trolley is hands-down the coolest way to get large groups around Pelee Island!

Pelee Island is about 26 square kilometers (16 square miles), which is bigger than most people expect. It takes the average cyclist about 4 hours to bike around the island, so it is not feasible to walk such distances. Additionally, the limited vehicle space on the ferry can make it difficult to bring vehicles over, particularly during the peak season when the ferry is very busy. For these reasons, Pelee Motion decided to implement the Pelee Island Trolley as a private-booking transportation option for large groups.

A common application of this service is using the trolley as a shuttle between destinations. For example, if you are arriving via ferry, the trolley can pick you up and take you to the destination of your choosing: such as Fish Point or Lighthouse Point Nature Reserve, then we can arrange a time to come and pick you up after you’re done exploring the area. This also goes for other arrival points such as the Pelee Island Airport or Scudder Marina; the trolley can pick you up and move you to and from your choice of destination: perhaps The Pelee Island Winery Pavilion, or Stone House 1891 Restaurant/Brewery. Whatever your transportation needs may be, we would certainly be happy to help you get there.

In the future, Pelee Motion hopes to utilize the Pelee Island Trolley to bring a regularly scheduled municipal transit service to the island. Until then, Dolly will serve the island by being available for private transportation and tour needs.

Our transportation service prices vary based on distance/time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a quote for this service.