The idea for the Pelee Island Trolley is not new. 

Every survey since 1930 has indicated the need for a form of mass transit on the island. And the Trolley is not just about a great way to see and get around the island when car space is unavailable on the ferry. Forming Pelee Motion and bringing  Dolly the Trolley to Pelee Island was a commitment to protecting the natural heritage features of our island made by Anne Marie Fortner of Explore Pelee and Clayton Walls of the Vin Villa Foundation.          
Reducing the environmental foot print of visitors to the island, while simultaneously providing our guests with a fun and affordable way to see the best the island has to offer, was the goal of Anne Marie and Clayton in starting this venture.  It is their  hope that the Pelee Island Trolley is a source of good times and great memories for visitors and resident alike.   In the future, Pelee Motion hopes to bring a more regularly scheduled municipal transit service to the island on more than just holiday weekends. Until then, Dolly will serve the island by being available for tours, private charter and providing a hop-on-hop-off service on those busy holiday weekends when car space on the ferry is hard to come by.